Using DNA to Ensure Quality and Integrity in Textiles

We use inherent DNA present in natural fibers to determine the genetic composition of a textile sample.
We use our specially-designed DNA markers to protect natural and synthetic materials.

Make Your Mark with SigNature® T

SigNature T DNA markers are custom designed to be compatible and stable in a wide range of textile substrates and manufacturing processes. From tagging natural and synthetic fibers, all the way to finishing treatments and specialty coatings, we offer a secure and cost-effective solution that can help assure quality and provide forensic-level authentication in fiber, yarn and fabric.

SigNature T logo

SigNature T Tagging and DNA Authentication helps customers

  • Build trust and credibility
  • Protect reputation and intellectual property
  • Assist in quality control and assurance
  • Assist in compliance with applicable laws
  • Promote legal enforceability of transactions
  • Minimize losses by reducing illegal activity
  • Monitor and verify supply chain

Traceability by SigNature T Tagging and Authentication

We believe that product authentication is the foundation of successful, quality driven businesses. Applied DNA Sciences works with textile and apparel clients to systematically tag and test different batches and lots marked with SigNature T, from fiber to fabric.