Anti-Counterfeiting Protection for Bearings

Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD) Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF)

Single Authentication Technology for Multiple High-Risk Commodities (HQ0147-14-C-8019)

  • Work conducted with guidance of DLA SMEs and commercial industry partners.
  • Demonstrated capability to mark and authenticate 6 FSGs (66 FSCs) representing a range of sizes, shapes and substrates:
  • FSG 59 (Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components)
  • FSG 25 (Vehicular Equipment Components)
  • FSG 29 (Engine Accessories)
  • FSG 47 (Pipe, Tubing, Hose and Fittings)
  • FSG 53 (Hardware and Abrasives)
  • FSG 31 (Bearings)
A scientist looking at a DNA sequence

Background: Government and Military Programs

  • Introduce government and industry to DNA marking, authentication and traceability.
  • 3 month subcontract from LMI (on behalf of DLA HQ) to prove feasibility at Altera (San Jose, CA).
  • 18 month subcontract from LMI to demonstrate full scale production at Amkor (South Korea) for Altera.
  • DLA requirement for procurement of only DNA-marked FSC 5962 microcircuits from qualified suppliers.
  • Onboarded 30+ DLA-qualified suppliers of FSC 5962 microcircuits.
  • Awarded one year Missile Defense Agency SBIR Phase 1.
  • DLA & L&M (Columbus, OH) in-house DNA marking lab opens.
  • Awarded two year MDA SBIR Phase 2 and two year OSD RIF.
  • Non-DOD Agency asset marking program.
  • Support DLA Land & Maritime Continuous Improvement
  • Completed Missile Defense Agency SBIR.
  • Completed Office of the Secretary of Defense RIF.
  • Awarded Non-DOD Agency 5 year Blanket Purchase Agreement.
  • Awarded second 2 year OSD RIF
  • Pending Proposals

Bearings (FSC 3110, 3210)

Work conducted under the OSD RIF with guidance of DLA Aviation (Richmond, VA) SMEs and commercial industry partners.

  • Royco 308CA Lubricating Oil- used in both the preservation and operation of bearings
  • FTM 3007
  • MIL-PRF-32033A
  • ASTM D92
  • ASTM D91-1
  • ASTM D91-2
  • FTM 3458.1
  • ASTM D1748
  • FTM 3007

Blending SigNature® DNA into Castrol® Brayco 300 and Quaker® Ferrocote® 5856 BTF1

  • Heat accelerated (175°F, 50% RH) shelf life study that emulates a 10-year shelf life storage condition.
authenticated industrial bearings in a row

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