Progressive solutions using nature’s definitive identifier — a botanical molecule

SigNature® DNA is based on plant DNA, with all the stunning accuracy provided by nature. The molecular tag can resist wash off, even in aggressive industrial treatment baths. Results are not obscured by false positives. DNA can be used in a court of law as forensic evidence. SigNature DNA technology provides impactful value with real, proven results.

Over 100 convictions by law enforcement and security agencies in the United Kingdom since 2009.

Over 100 million pounds of cotton has been tagged.

Over 750,000 microcircuits have been marked.

Over 10,000 high-end German-made cars have been marked.

SigNature DNA cannot be copied

Our scientists have developed a precision-engineered mark based on botanical (plant) DNA. The engineered mark has not and cannot be broken. The conventional process used to sequence (“decode”) native DNA is not possible with the engineered mark. Additional layers of protection and complexity are added to the mark in a proprietary manner. This engineering “secret sauce” is shielded by a robust portfolio of patents and other intellectual property protection.

Millions of SigNature DNA marks now exist in the public domain on items ranging from consumer product packaging to microcircuits to guitars; none have ever been copied.


SigNature DNA stands tall in harsh environments


The Applied DNA Sciences platform has proven highly resistant to UV radiation, heat, cold, vibration, abrasion and other extreme environmental conditions.

We work closely with our customers to formulate a solution that will be optimized to their specifications to deliver maximum impact.

SigNature DNA reliability is unrivaled

SigNature DNA has been subjected to rigorous testing by Idaho National Laboratory, a U.S. National Laboratory, by CALCE, the largest electronic products and systems research center focused on electronics reliability, and by verified procedures in our labs. The forensic marker has passed required tests across a broad spectrum of materials and has met key military stability standards.

SigNature DNA passed a “red-team” challenge on behalf of the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency.


Only a minute sample of SigNature DNA is required for analysis


Because DNA is one of the most dense information carriers known, only minute quantities of SigNature DNA are necessary for successful analysis and authentication. As a result, SigNature DNA can fold seamlessly into production and logistics workflows.

Miniscule samples of marked cash retrieved from recent robberies, even bills scrubbed and laundered by thieves, resulted in a successful forensic analysis.


Multiple Authentications from a Single SigNature DNA mark

A single SigNature DNA mark will support multiple authentications in its lifetime.

The power of repeated use provides a fully documented audit or evidence trail.