DNA Made Easy

Applied DNA Sciences offers large-scale manufacturing of custom DNA sequences via polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Our patent- protected production system enables large quantities of DNA to be produced quickly, cleanly and affordably.

Applied DNA Sciences is helping companies develop vaccines, diagnostics, bioagriculture, and gene therapies for existing and emerging markets, and is well-positioned as a key supplier for the research, clinical, and commercialization stages of these products.


Benefits of Using PCR for
Very-Large-Scale Production of DNA

  • Scalable: Linear, double-stranded DNA from 50 bp to 4.5 kb
  • Clean: Your DNA is produced cell-free and does not require the removal of debris or contaminants
  • Customizable: Chemical modification available
  • Efficiency: DNA molecules can be selected, amplified, and optimized for production within a few days
  • High Volume: 1000-times the output of desktop PCR machines
  • Reduced Lead Time: PCR takes 10% the production time of plasmid
  • Cost-effective: PCR for very-large-scale production of DNA has lower cost compared to plasmid and standard PCR processes.


  • Vaccines
  • Diagnostics
  • Bioagriculture
  • Gene therapies

The ADNAS PCR Difference