Inkjet codes with molecular traceability

Global security solutions

The global supply chain that feeds life is now filled with complexity, uncertainty and risk

Verifying product/product component origin, authenticity and provenance is essential to ensuring quality, integrity and safety; essential in a marketplace where consumers and brands demand and deserve certainty.

V4221M-L traceable ink transforms your Videojet codes into a comprehensive supply chain certification solution

Now Available

  • V4221M-L | one liter cartridge of SigNature molecular ink for 1860 printer
  • V7207M-L | one liter cartridge of make-up fluid for V4221M-L ink for 1860 printer

With unique and secure SigNature® molecular tags at its core, V4221M-L ink enables definitive verification of product origin.

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a turnkey, high-volume ink offering per-part traceability

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