Large-Scale PCR-Based DNA Production

for DNA/RNA vaccines, diagnostics, bioagriculture, gene therapies

Large-Scale DNA Production by PCR

  • Clean: No cellular contamination: Your DNA is produced cell-free in a simple biochemical PCR buffer, and does not require the removal of cell debris or contaminants.
  • Nucleic Acid Chemical Modification: Introduced during PCR: fluors, bioconjugate linkers, novel backbones, novel bases. Not practical with cloning.
  • Product Flexibility: Linear, double-stranded DNA from 50 bp to ~5 Kb.
  • Efficiency: DNA molecules can be selected, amplified, and optimized for production within a few days.
  • Scalable Production – milligrams to grams: ~1000-times the output of a desktop PCR machine.


DNA/RNA Vaccines l Diagnostics l Bioagriculture l Gene therapies

Applied DNA Sciences technology enables very-large-scale production of DNA using proprietary PCR methods. Scaling (via PCR) enables designed DNA sequences to be produced directly from synthetic genomics. PCR products can be produced with multiple chemical modifications, and are intrinsically much cleaner than those produced by culture methods. Our ISO9001-certified production facility can produce volumes ranging from milligrams to grams of DNA.

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The Process

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1. Desktop Thermal Cycler Testing

optimization of PCR conditions

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2. Large-Scale Thermal Cycler Production

200 ml to 1L Batch Sizes
qualification of amplicon size, purity, concentration

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3. Purification

anion exchange chromatography

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4. Concentration

ethanol precipation

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5. Quality Control and Assurance Verification

release of certificate of analysis