Commercial Asset Protection

Theft and vandalism of corporate assets and equipment is a growing issue that faces companies in a wide variety of industries. A joint 2012 study by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and National Equipment Register (NER) found equipment theft was costing companies an average of $400 million per year. Create commercial asset protection with DNAnet®.

Deter crime, protect your company’s property

DNAnet® is a clear liquid containing a unique, botanical DNA code that can be used on virtually any surface. Once applied, the DNAnet is undetectable to the naked eye and resists removal, providing nearly-permanent protection for items such as industrial tools and equipment, company-issued computers, mobile phones — even company vehicles. 

Why use DNAnet?

Because thieves aren’t likely to return the property they steal– and even if they’re caught– police can’t always identify the owner of the stolen goods. DNAnet helps prevent theft in the first place, but also creates an indelible link between owner and item that police can use to return stolen goods

How often does theft occur in the United States?

The Bureau of Justice reported nearly 10 million property crimes in 2014. Theft made up the majority those with just over 8 million reported.  

DNAnet® helps to expand and strengthen any community security effort by providing a means of directly linking valuables and criminals to crimes. Valuables and assets are tagged with an indelible, fluorescing DNA-marked liquid that can be applied to virtually any material — plastics, metals, wood, textiles and paper to name a few. Items can be tagged with brush-on or aerosol spray application methods.

The DNAnet mark facilitates the rapid return of lost or stolen goods to business owners. As a crime is investigated, detection of a fluorescing DNAnet mark indicates that an item is registered. This assists police in linking offenders and stolen items to a specific crime scene, creating a greater ability to identify and convict.

Police officers across the country have been trained to identify our DNA marks, allowing them to return stolen property to their rightful owners.

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