Applied DNA Sciences, Loftex to Debut “Innovate with CertainT”

First Towels with Verified Recycled Components at New York Home Fashions Market: Industry-changing technology enables recycled PETs to be tracked and traced throughout supply chain, ensuring truth in labeling Release Details 24 March, 2017 Applied DNA Sciences today announced its partnership with Loftex Home, the manufacturer of high-quality towels and home textiles, to introduce "Innovate [...]

Valley Public Radio | California Cotton Farmers Maximize Harvest by Tagging Crops with DNA

VPR: NPR for Central California, March 21st, 2017 In 2014 the California cotton industry got a wake up call. Somewhere in the supply chain of turning high end cotton into fabric the products were being laced with inferior fiber. And now as FM89’s Ezra David Romero reports consumers can be sure they’re getting what they [...]

Identifying Uzbek Cotton Biomarkers: A Proposed Collaborative Framework to Eliminate Forced Labor

Genetic markers for regional cultivars persist in cotton fibers and can be detected in our proprietary assay Release Details 27 February, 2017 Applied DNA Sciences announced today that it has identified lead genetic markers that are unique to certain cotton cultivars grown in Uzbekistan, where forced human labor is used to cultivate the cotton. [...]

WSB-TV | Majority of ‘high-quality’ cotton made of cheap cotton, tests show | February 15th, 2017

APDN Builds Recurring Revenue in Synthetic Fiber Market with 3rd PO

Order Evidences Continuing Maturation and Penetration of Broader Textile Opportunity; Applied DNA’s Molecular Tags Enable Verification of Synthetic Fiber Quality Release Details 14 February, 2017 Applied DNA Sciences delivered its third shipment against continuing purchase orders for molecular tags used to protect supply chains for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) man-made fibers (MMF) from master batch to [...]

Thomson Reuters Foundation | From DNA to laws to data

five key tools to combat trafficking in 2017 | December 30th, 2016

Applied DNA Sciences Provides Farm-to-Finished Goods Traceability in Long Term Arrangement with Key US Retailer

14 December, 2016 Applied DNA Sciences is pleased to announce that through one of its partners, the Company will provide its SigNature T DNA products and services platform to empower textile supply chain security for one of the largest US-based retailers over an extended multi-year period with established revenue thresholds. Early products are hitting stores [...]

Thomson Reuters Foundation | Is your T-shirt clean of slavery?

Science  may soon be able to tell | November 28th, 2016 APDN's Dr. James Hayward was interviewed by The Thomson Reuters Foundation. Dr. Hayward explains how DNA testing can help eliminate concerns regarding forced labor in the global cotton industry.

Textile World | Applied DNA Sciences: Using The Power of DNA

 to Prove Product Claims and Origin | November 22, 2016 Textile World's recent article highlights Applied DNA Sciences' textile capabilities, including the ability forensically prove product claims with DNA.

Progress of Cotton Vertical During 2016 Ginning Season

Company Shipped Orders for SigNature® T DNA to Tag 93 Million Pounds of Cotton during Fiscal 2016 — Revenues Expected to be Recognized in FQ4’16 and FY17 7 November, 2016 Release Details Applied DNA Sciences today reported on the company’s progress in penetrating the American cotton industry with its botanical DNA-based supply chain solutions during [...]