BMW Dealers in Sweden Expand DNA Asset Marking Program

System proven to deter theft and forensically link stolen parts to autos Release Details 16 February, 2017 Applied DNA Sciences announced that the company’s DNA marking product is now being offered by Swedish BMW dealers to prior purchasers of their luxury automobiles. With growing support for DNA tagging in Scandinavia through multiple insurance and automobile [...]

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Innovate LI | Former NYPD Commish Kelly Joins Applied DNA | January 24th, 2017

Securing Industry | Applied DNA Sciences appoints former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly to strategic advisory board | January 24th, 2017

Newsday | Ray Kelly joins advisory board at Applied DNA Sciences | January 24th, 2017

APDN Appoints Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly to Strategic Advisory Board

Security and Law Enforcement Expertise Guides Growth and Entry into Key Market Verticals Release Details 24 January, 2017 Applied DNA Sciences appointed Ray Kelly to its Strategic Advisory Board (SAB), effective January 2017. Mr. Kelly, currently Vice Chairman of K2Intelligence, provides valuable insight into the design and development of tailored enterprise risk solutions and [...]

The Truth About Testing Processes for Premium Cotton

Applied DNA Sciences presents a special advertorial report on understanding how to determine if the products you make and sell are truly what they say they are The entire issue of compliance standards for product components and labeling, sustainability claims and quality control in the home textiles industry has emerged as [...]

Innovate LI | Applied DNA Taking It To Swedish Car Thieves, June 1st, 2016

APDN, MSS Professional A/S Sign Agreement

To Distribute SmokeCloak® DNA Fog Security Solutions Release Details 10 September, 2015 Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. announced today a new three year worldwide agreement with partner MSS Professional A/S for the exclusive supply of SigNature® DNA for use in the unique SmokeCloak® DNA security fog system. This agreement follows many months of [...]

CBSLocal | Long Island Town Giving Residents DNA Tool To Fight Crime

CBSLocal, April 10th, 2015