How CSI-type forensic science is enabling brands to satisfy consumers’ desire for radical transparency

Dr. Barbara Brockway, Director of Personal Care, Applied DNA Sciences

April 17, 2018 Workshop Room G102-G103 9:15 – 9:45

Forensic science techniques offer the Cosmetic World, life-lines, to make it possible for the ”Transparency” trend to become the ”Radical Transparency”, which is now being demanded by consumers and pressure groups. (Radical Transparency is where brands give ”total transparency and accountancy” about their products, processes and ingredients.)

In this workshop session, the scale of the problem and potential for operation savings etc. are considered, along with the practicalities of implementing natural forensic solutions in cosmetics.

We discuss the latest DNA technologies, including using The Bar Code of life, a technique popular with authorities checking for claimed botanical ingredients in products. Because of human error and criminal fraud, certification for organic, natural, Fair Trade, Halal etc., benefit greatly when accompanied by Authentication certification. Consumers are being bombarded with information and drowning in fake-news. This has made them question everything they are being told and where they remain uncertain, they are increasingly basing their trust and choice on scientific proof.