CertainT™ in supply chains gains momentum and is expanding home textile solutions for towels, bath rugs, duvets, plush throws and bedding

Applied DNA Sciences today announced its support of major brands and manufacturers at the 2017 New York Home Fashions Market, with agreements signed for cotton and synthetic recycled fibers expanding to include home textiles such as towels, bath rugs, duvets, plush throws and bedding.

”Manufacturers, brands and retailers are embracing the rising consumer demand to assure truth in labeling. SigNature® T molecular technology assures that original raw materials used to make consumer products, e.g. cotton, leather, Aloe vera, or recycled plastic water bottles, among others, remain pure and traceable throughout the supply chain. This approach enables brands to provide consumers with 100 percent transparency and source-verified products.”

Dr. James A. Hayward, president and CEO of Applied DNA

At this month’s New York Home Fashions Week, Applied DNA’s cotton platform will be displayed by Himatsingka, who is promoting the Future of Cotton in their Pimacott® and HomeGrown Cotton™ portfolio.
The home textiles market is seeing a dramatic change in best practices. As the new standard for cotton purity, leading-edge cotton technologies using molecular tagging are available from Himatsingka. Applied DNA’s technology goes beyond a paper trail. It provides supply chain transparency. The platform is accessible, scalable and maintains the fiber performance attributes, without adding significant cost to the end product – a seminal step forward in establishing a new level of brand trust.

Specific milestones

pima cott

In May, SigNature T made its retail debut in Bed Bath & Beyond®’s Wamsutta® line, featuring Pimacott. More than 1,000 SKUs of source-verified Pima cotton sheets are available at over 1,000 locations nationwide and online.

homegrown logo

New products using HomeGrown Cotton traceable to three different varietals will be available on retail shelves by 2017-2018.

pure raw pima cotton

The 2017-2018 ginning season will kick off next month with momentum created by market adoption.

Fueled by the momentum sparked by the March 2017 launch of the CertainT™ platform for traceability, transparency and trust, Applied DNA is actively engaged with two manufacturers to tag, test and track recycled synthetic home textiles products being promoted at Market Week.

Under CertainT

LOFTEX beach and bath towels

Loftex signed a multi-year, exclusive license agreement involving bath and beach towels, expected to arrive at retail locations before the end of this calendar year. Loftex will use CertainT to assure that towels containing recycled plastic water bottles (PET) are, in fact, recycled.
“Applied DNA’s CertainT exceeded our expectations. We adopted the CertainT platform not only because it aligned with our commitment to innovation and our product-development stream, but also, it provided the opportunity to bring consumers sustainable products that are authentic and traceable to origin. We are planning to expand our use of recycled PET in Loftex products, and will continue to work with Applied DNA on these projects and at no additional cost to the consumer.”
Charles Gaenslen
CEO, Loftex USA

GHCL bedding using fibers from recycled plastic water bottles

In this multi-year exclusive license agreement, GHCL will use Applied DNA’s CertainT platform in its supply chain to tag, test, and track fibers from recycled plastic water bottles in home textile products, such as bed sheets, pillowcases, and shams.
“As the need for sustainable and recyclable textiles continues to increase in demand from our customers, we want to offer products that provide true traceability that go beyond a paper document. In these uncertain times, our customers deserve and expect certainty. The collaboration with Applied DNA provides a means to produce and supply our customers with source-verified, recycled products.”
Neeraj Jalan
Business Head, Home Textiles

Applied DNA continues to bring the CertainT program to areas outside of the textile industry. We envision supporting fully traceable and sustainable supply chains by tagging natural and synthetic materials. As evidenced by previous announcements, we are working with seven brands/processors to sponsor the development of a farm-to-finished goods sustainable supply chain program for leather; a manufacturer sponsoring a project to prove the traceability of Aloe vera from plant through complex, compounded creams, lotions and gels; and a manufacturer sponsoring the tagging of fertilizer through the supply chain to indicate traceability and sustainability.

authenticated aloe

To learn about the benefits of CertainT program, please contact us at textilesales@adnas.com or call us at (631) 240-8849.

About Applied DNA Sciences

Applied DNA is a provider of molecular technologies that enable supply chain security, anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft technology, product genotyping and DNA mass production for diagnostics and therapeutics.

We make life real and safe by providing innovative, molecular-based technology solutions and services that can help protect products, brands, entire supply chains, and intellectual property of companies, governments and consumers from theft, counterfeiting, fraud and diversion. The proprietary DNA-based “CertainT™” platform can be used to identify, tag, test, and track products, to help assure authenticity, origin, traceability, sustainability and quality of products. SigNature® DNA describes the core technology ingredient that is at the heart of a family of uncopyable, security and authentication solutions such as SigNature® T and fiberTyping®, targeted toward textiles and apparel, BackTrac™ and DNAnet®, for anti-theft and loss prevention, and digitalDNA®, providing powerful track-and-trace. All provide a forensic chain of evidence, and can be used to prosecute perpetrators. Applied DNA Sciences is also engaged in the large-scale production of specific DNA sequences using the polymerase chain reaction.

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