How tracking DNA can provide certainty in supply chains, October 20th, 2016

MeiLin Wan, VP, Textile Sales

Tell us a little about your background. My background is in strategic business and international management. I graduated from the University of Western Australia, and then worked as an associate lecturer for a few years before moving to the University of Toronto and the University of Utah to do research work on industry clusters, specifically focusing in the biotechnology, medical device and life sciences sectors.

What brought you to Stony Brook, New York? My research work 20 years ago focused on understanding what made certain industry biotechnology and bioscience clusters work better than others, and how they are sustainable in certain geo-locations in the country and the world. Stony Brook is a special place because it represents a “genetic corridor.” East of us is Cold Spring Harbor labs known for the Human Genome Project, and west of us is Brookhaven National Labs for its advances in physics, climate, environmental and biosciences, and right next to us is Stony Brook University known for cultivating the brightest minds in the life sciences. I am drawn to Stony Brook because it is a place that represents the possibility to take the knowledge we have today, and share them in a new way with people all around the world.