At the recycling facility, plastic waste is sorted, cleaned, crushed/shredded, resorted and pelletized.


These pellets are processed through an extruder and transformed into fiber. SigNature® T DNA is embedded into the fiber during the extrusion process.

Filament/Yarn Manufacturer

SigNature T DNA-tagged fibers are spun into yarn, ready to be woven into fabric.

Test Yarn

The first check of the SigNature T DNA-tagged synthetic fibers happens at the yarn manufacturer. Cones are submitted for testing, looking for the unique SigNature T DNA tag. The merchant then receives the cones from the yarn manufacturer together with test results and the cone ID numbers.


The cones of SigNature T DNA-tagged synthetic yarns are now ready for the next stage of product manufacturing.

Weave or Knit Into Fabric

The SigNature T DNA-tagged synthetic yarns finally take shape as they are woven or knitted into fabric to be used in various textile or apparel products.

Test Fabric

Guaranteeing purity, the freshly-woven fabric is once again tested for the presence of the SigNature T tag to verify that the fabrics contain only the tagged synthetic fibers.

Cut & Sew into Linen/Clothes

After passing the purity test, the SigNature DNA-tagged synthetic fabric is then cut and sewn into the finished home textile or apparel products.

Test Finished Product

Finished products are tested a final time prior to the product being shipped to its final destination. SigNature T DNA tags have remained detectable, even after many complex manufacturing processes.


Having passed the final purity test, the finished, pure SigNature T DNA-tagged synthetic products are shipped and tracked with a pedigree document back to the United States.


The finished goods, labeled with the brand trademark, arrive at retail where consumers, driven by a desire for quality and purity, can be assured of the integrity of their purchase.

The customer enjoys the finished product, where its purity has resulted in a product with proven sustainability.

Certainty is only a molecule away™