Why use DNAnet for asset marking?

Because thieves aren’t likely to return the property they steal– and even if they’re caught– police can’t always identify the owner of the stolen goods. DNAnet helps prevent theft in the first place, but also creates an indelible link between owner and item that police can use to return stolen goods.

How often does theft occur in the United States?

The Bureau of Justice reported nearly 10 million property crimes in 2014. Theft made up the majority those with just over 8 million reported.

What items can I mark with DNAnet?

DNAnet marks will bond to virtually any surface. We have seen customers mark jewelry, laptops, vehicles, purses, bikes and many other household items.

Does DNAnet work?

Communities using DNAnet have reported an 80% reduction in burglaries. Meanwhile the DNA technology powering DNAnet has helped prosecutors claim over 100 convictions totaling more than 400 years of jail time.

Is my police department trained to identify DNAnet marks?

DNAnet is currently being used to protect over 200 communities in the U.S. To see if your area is protected, click here.

How do police know where to look for my mark?

DNA marks glow bright red under special UV lights provided to police agencies.

Does this program cost my community or police department anything?

Any training or authentications required by police for investigative purposes during the life of the program are included.

How many items can be marked with a DNAnet Kit?

Each kit can be used to mark up to 100 items.

How long does each DNAnet mark last? 

DNAnet marks are indelible and nearly impossible to remove.

Where can I purchase a DNAnet kit?

Visit our check out page here. 

Is there an insurance discount?

DNAnet is a crime deterrent similar to alarm systems. Check with your insurance provider.

How does DNA marking compare to engraving?

Engraving can damage valuables and cannot be used for small items like rings and necklaces. DNAnet marks are nearly invisible and marked items are uniquely linked to their owners via our secure server.

What if I sell or transfer a marked item?

Police will still have a clear trail to follow in order to return a stolen item.

Do I have to remark my items every year?

Marks are permanent and do not need to be reapplied.

Are there any annual fees?

There are no annual fees associated with the program.