tony-bensonTony Benson is well known for being innovative and making the best use of new technological breakthroughs – in 1990 he was instrumental in the deployment of biometric access control systems and groundbreaking computer software on armored trucks, which was a great success and is still used today in many armored CViT vehicles.

In 2001 Benson joined Securitas, at that time the largest security company in the world. When the cash-handling arm of Securitas became a separate company known as Loomis UK Ltd, Benson was designated Risk Director.

From 2004 to 2010, Benson represented the UK British Standards Institute on the development of standards for cash degradation systems, such as cash strongboxes.

When CViT crime in the UK rose exponentially in 2006, Benson worked to combat the threat. Appointed Chair of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) CIT Security Committee, he worked with Home Office, senior Police officials and customers.

Calling the new wave of attacks “unacceptable,” Benson researched and deployed an array of technologies such as ADNAS’ SigNature® DNA cash-marking system, and led the industry in a revamp of major risk points. The counter-assault, by 2010 resulted in a massive reduction of 30% in those crimes while losses also dropped by just over 30%.


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